Pig Ducky

Pig Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Pig ducky has floppy ears like a dog and a curly tail. He is pink and does not float upright. Pig Ducky like to say Quoink Quoink! He lives on a farm in a giant mud puddle. He loves to play with his best friend Cow Ducky. He also has a baby pig named Dinky.

Pool Ducky

Pool Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Pool Ducky has blue and purple swimming goggles and floaties that are orange and blue. Here is a story he wants to tell you. He was swimming in his backyard pool when the pool filter got clogged. Or at least, that’s what he thought. He went over to take a look at the controls, but before he got there, a frog jumped onto the “Drain The Pool” button! Suddenly, the pool drained but that turned out to be helpful. Thanks froggy! Now Pool Ducky he could ask a plumber to unclog the filter but the plumber said that the filter is not clogged. Next, Pool Ducky checked the controls and saw that the filter was turned off. What a silly mistake! So he turned it back on and got in the pool.

The End.

Cupcake Ducky

Cupcake Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Hello Ducky Fans! Did you know that Cupcake Ducky has has a cherry on his head? Just look at the picture. Now you do! Do you want to know another thing about him? He has a purple cup to give him form. He has lots of sprinkles and likes to tell stories to his pet hamster. Oh, did I forget to mention? Cupcake Ducky has a pet hamster. He’s also very yummy if he lets you take a bite of him. That’s all for today, Duck of the Day fans!

Bowling Ducky

Bowling Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Bowling Ducky has a green bowling ball and he wears a pink coat. His coat has white trim but it’s mostly pink. He has brown hair and a pink hair clip. Does anyone know of a bowling alley that has Size 30 bowling shoes?


by Oriental Trading

Duckerman has a gray helmet with a purple line. He also has a red coat with two purple lines on each sleeve and one black line in between the purple lines. Duckerman rocks his purple belt with a black buckle because purple is his jam. You know he’s a good guy when you see the super duck logo on his chest. If you need a wing’ just put up the duck signal and Duckerman will be there.

Rocket Ducky

Rocket Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Quack, quack, shoot ’em up destiny
Quack, quack, shoot ’em up to the moon
Quack, quack, shoot ’em up one, two, three
He wanted to be a spaceduck,
that’s what he wanted to be.
But now that he’s a spaceduck
he doesn’t feel as free.
Hey, Mother Goose, won’t’cha bring him back down safely to the sea?
Around and around and around and around is not where he wants to be.
He wanted to make a good run.
He wanted to go to the moon.
He knew that it had to be fun.
He told ’em to send him real soon.
He wanted to be a spaceduck,
he wanted to be it so bad.
But now that he’s a spaceduck
he’d rather be back on the lilypad.
Hey, Mother Earth, won’t’cha bring him back down safely to the sea?
Around and around and around and around is just a lot of lunacy.

Water Duck

Water Duck
by Claire

This is not Claire’s blue water duck. This duck has an orange beak, like most ducks. Claire’s water duck is all blue, with a blue beak! Wow! Maybe a duck like that will join our team someday.

Claire’s water duck? Every day, it’s going to be in water. And when snow melts it turns into water. Every day, Claire’s water duck goes “Oh no! It’s time to get back in the pool! Woohoo!” And it jumps into the water.

Jumbo Rubber Duck, Pink

Jumbo Rubber Duck, Pink
by Liberty Imports

It ain’t easy being pink.
Naw, it’s harder than you think.
Everybody wants to know:
where’d the other colors go?
Folks love blue and red and green,
but when they see pink, they’re mean.
They mean to be enlightened,
and yet, pink will see them frightened!
They don’t want pink on their boat.
They don’t want a pink goat.
They don’t want pink in the rain
or on their car, or on a train.
So this duck
is not in luck.
For pink is all she’s ever been
and pink is all she’ll ever be.
Or maybe she’s the luckiest
because she feels the duckiest
when she looks in mirrors.
She’s likes how she appears.
She loves pink and she loves herself.
And that is great for ducky’s health.

Inflatable Ducky

Inflatable Ducky
by Waddlers

Inflatable Ducky had a great week at camp!
Please try not to notice if his eyes are damp.

He dressed up in green.
His clothes were quite clean!
This share is so keen.
His kvutsah is not mean.
At Galil, he always feels loved, accepted and seen!

At breakfast chug, he made French toast
but ducky liked rainbow pancakes the most.

Zoom protests are cool.
The Mini Mo drools!
He needs to take a shower before going back to school.

In green chug, we made a memory book
(it’s special to ducky, he likes the look).
This summer has taught us that secrets in Zoom
should never be shared outside the breakout room.

This ducky is filled with both joy and sorrow —
how can there be no Galil at Home tomorrow?
It was ducky’s first time at camp this summer.
Not being there in person was such a bummer!
But ducky had fun at every Zoom call
and he can’t wait for Galil at Home this Fall!

Jumbo Rubber Ducky

Jumbo Rubber Ducky
by Rhode Island Novelty

I’m going to tell you a story
made of lots of Habo glory!
This week I got a Galil gift
that brought me such a happy lift.
There were lots of fun projects to do,
like coloring and painting to name a few.
I don’t ever need to ask
if I need to take my mask.
I like to wear it all the time,
even when I’m making slime.

This week I made whipped coffee and waffle
It tasted good, it was not awful!
Lots of questions for the week:
gender, Israel and zombies (eek)!
Here we are at musicale Zoom,
only one more week til impending doom!
This ducky had a great week at camp —
his mask makes him a Galil champ!