Deluxe Robot Duck

Deluxe Robot Duck
by Bud Duck

When you ask this ducky to click all the boxes containing a traffic light, school bus, or crosswalk — he gets confused. If you CAPTCHA the essence of this ducky, you’ll find that he’s definitely a robot! With his analogue gauges and mechanical buttons, this roboduck just does not compute! But the Deluxe Robot Duck is programmed to make you smile, and you can count on this guy to quack you up when you’re feeling deactivated.

Ducky Sundae

Ducky Sundae
by Oriental Trading

I hold a popsicle in my hand, I’m covered in sprinkles, I have some blue frosting (but mostly purple frosting) and I do not float up right. Am I ice cream? Am I a donut? I scream, “I donut know what I am!” I feel tasty. I’m going to eat my popsicle before someone eats me.

Cowboy Ducky

Cowboy Ducky
by Schylling

Little cowboy is the one who makes cattle driving so much fun. He has a yellow star, a white hat and he’s ready to roll. He wears a blue bandana when he’s out for a stroll. He’s at home on the range where the pronghorn play, and he flies through the sky all day. YEEHAW!

“Your Guardian” Angel

“Your Guardian” Angel
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: November 2

I’m one of Ducky’s Angels.
Floating around
in heaven’s pond.

Clearing the path
for the directions
that are unknown.

Always and only
just a whisper away –
never need to worry
as forever… I’ll stay.

Chicken Ducky

Chicken Ducky
by Rhode Island Novelty

Why does this ducky have different eyes than other duckies? All other duckies have duck eyes but this ducky has chicken duck eyes. Wouldn’t it be funny if chickens were called duckens. Did you know that chickens have full color vision, just like people? Here’s another fun fact: chickens tell each other about what they see. Chickens communicate vocally! That means they make noise with their beak just like you! Hens and roosters like to be heard, and use a variety of sounds to communicate thoughts and feelings. Just like you! Are you a chicken ducky?

“The Ego Rubb” Duckspa

“The Ego Rubb” Duckspa
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: August 13

If the slipper fits –
pamper away.
It’s now all about me.

Pure and simple –
begin with a facial;
paint me in, Monét.

Fresh, renewed –
this day just for U –
a spoiling long overdue.

Viking Duckies

Viking Duckies
by Oriental Trading

Did you know that vikings didn’t really wear horned helmets? Surprise! Maybe they had fancier hats. These duckings wear horned duckmets because they’re not real!

The vikings had two different kinds of ships: warships called langskip and merchant ships called knörr. Typically, a langskip is narrower, longer, and shallower than a knörr, and is powered by both oars and sail. Typical viking ships did not have duckies in them. These duckies are not your typical vikings, but one of them is holding a typical viking axe called a skeggøx. The skeggøx is used for making boats and fighting. But don’t fight, that’s not nice.

“Whoa…” Giddy-Up!

“Whoa…” Giddy-Up!
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: June 6

Saddle up,
take the reins –
there’s more to life
than grazing plains.


Corral the kids
then gather ’round,
it’s Cowduck &
Giddy-Up’s musical
ditties sing-a-long.

“Bow for” P. King

“Bow for” P. King
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: October 17

King of Ducks,
but jester at heart.

He is a friend, a brother –
true loyalty, true royalty.

Loves to say “KING ME!”
when playing checkers.

Words to live by:
“More, More and MORE DUCKS!”

“Keep it up” Bobber

In memory of Bobber Hanson

“Keep it up” Bobber
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: January 12

It’s bob to the left,
bob to the right –
U can count on him
when there’s a fish in sight.

Has that “chin up” attitude
no matter what size wave hits.

The bobber is an
inspiration to us all.