Jumbo Rubber Ducky

Jumbo Rubber Ducky
by Rhode Island Novelty

I’m going to tell you a story
made of lots of Habo glory!
This week I got a Galil gift
that brought me such a happy lift.
There were lots of fun projects to do,
like coloring and painting to name a few.
I don’t ever need to ask
if I need to take my mask.
I like to wear it all the time,
even when I’m making slime.

This week I made whipped coffee and waffle
It tasted good, it was not awful!
Lots of questions for the week:
gender, Israel and zombies (eek)!
Here we are at musicale Zoom,
only one more week til impending doom!
This ducky had a great week at camp —
his mask makes him a Galil champ!

Princess Ducky

Princess Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Princess Ducky has a purple tiara and a magic purple scepter. Princess Duckly likes to use her magic to be helpful to her fellow duckies! Once upon a time she was at a restaurant when a clumsy duck dropped a glass of milk. The glass broke! Princess Ducky ran over to ask if she could help.

“Yes please,” the clumsy duck said.

Princess Duck waved her purple scepter and said, “Clean up! Clean up!” Suddenly, the cup was not broken and the milk was back in the cup.

“Thanks” said the clumsy duck.

“You’re welcome,” said the purple Princess. Then she went home to enjoy a glass of milk herself while her magic purple scepter watched TV to relax after an exciting day.

Mer Ducky

Mer Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Hello! I’m Mer Duck. I am a mermaid ducky. I wear a swimsuit made of shells. I have a silly mermaid tail and with matching blue hair. I have a white pearl necklace that was a gift from an oyster friend of mine. The starfish in my hair is also a good friend who like to visit with me sometimes.

The Duck In The Hat

The Duck In The Hat
by Oriental Trading

Hello I’m The Duck in The Hat. Here are a three things to know about me before we get started:
• I like to tell stories.
• I keep a lot of stuff in my hat.
• And last but not least I like to read my favorite red book called The Cat In The Hat.

Would you like me to tell you a story? I’d love to!

Once upon a time there was a cave and inside the cave lived two big, happy, magic dragons named Huff and Puff. Huff and Puff lived in a cave near the sea.

One day, Puff woke up and said, “Good morning Huff.”

Huff said, “Good morning Puff.”

“Lets go swimming,” Puff said.

“Okay,” said Huff. So they went swimming, for twenty-three hours! Then they got ready for bed and watched tv until they fell fast asleep.

Did you like that story little duckies? I hope you did. Bye!