“Hop along with” Duckaroo

“Hop along with” Duckaroo
by Rubbaducks

I’m a proud
mommy Kanga –
in my pouch
is baby ‘Roo.

We always spend
quality time together
like every family
should do.

Deluxe Carousel Horse Duck

Deluxe Carousel Horse Duck
by Bud Duck

Life is a carousel – it goes up and down! And we go round and round from where we came.

Life is also: 1) A highway 2) A box of chocolates 3) But a dream

“U want a ” Cracker

“U want a ” Cracker
by Rubba Ducks

Some seeds of love.

If who we are
is inside all of us
shining bright
for everyone to see –
then I must be
a rainbow
for I wear it
on my sleeves.

Chicken Ducky

Chicken Ducky
by Rhode Island Novelty

Why does this ducky have different eyes than other duckies? All other duckies have duck eyes but this ducky has chicken duck eyes. Wouldn’t it be funny if chickens were called duckens. Did you know that chickens have full color vision, just like people? Here’s another fun fact: chickens tell each other about what they see. Chickens communicate vocally! That means they make noise with their beak just like you! Hens and roosters like to be heard, and use a variety of sounds to communicate thoughts and feelings. Just like you! Are you a chicken ducky?

“Whoa…” Giddy-Up!

“Whoa…” Giddy-Up!
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: June 6

Saddle up,
take the reins –
there’s more to life
than grazing plains.


Corral the kids
then gather ’round,
it’s Cowduck &
Giddy-Up’s musical
ditties sing-a-long.

“You’re a Ham” Ducklet

“You’re a Ham” Ducklet
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: October 30

This little ducky
loves mud baths.
This little ducky
rolls in them for fun.

This little ducky
keeps pigging out.
This little ducky
will get big and round.

This little ducky sings
“oink, oink, oink”
at the Louie Luau.

“Be a” Hero

“Be a” Hero
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: February 20

Slide down the pole and volunteer –
there is a Hero in all of us.

Every firefighter needs a hose,
hydrant and a howdy or a hug.

Safety saves lives –
smoke detector,
smoke detector,
smoke detector.

Don’t get burned – remember:

Ee Ducky

Ee Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Ee duck is grey and has big floppy ears.
He doesn’t forget, he’ll remember for years.
Now that you’ve heard the stuff that is relevant,
I think you all know this duck is an elephant.

Dd Ducky

Dd Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Dd duck is such a hound!
You can find her by the pound.
When she quacks it’s kind of ruff.
But we think she’s cute enough.

Cc Ducky

Cc Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Cc ducky makes a sound like mewack.
When he’s angry the feathers stand up on his back.
He loves to play in the sun at the park,
and he can see very well in the dark.