Sherduck Holmes

Sherduck Holmes
by Yarto

The game is a webbed foot! When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be a ducky with a magnifying glass. Sherduck Holmes leaves no lilypad unturned when he investigates the mysteries of the pond! And his sense of style is elementary: tweed jacket and cap, red bowtie with polka dots, and wooden pipe.

Cowboy Ducky

Cowboy Ducky
by Schylling

Little cowboy is the one who makes cattle driving so much fun. He has a yellow star, a white hat and he’s ready to roll. He wears a blue bandana when he’s out for a stroll. He’s at home on the range where the pronghorn play, and he flies through the sky all day. YEEHAW!

“Be a” Hero

“Be a” Hero
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: February 20

Slide down the pole and volunteer –
there is a Hero in all of us.

Every firefighter needs a hose,
hydrant and a howdy or a hug.

Safety saves lives –
smoke detector,
smoke detector,
smoke detector.

Don’t get burned – remember:

Zoo Keeper Rubber Ducky

Zoo Keeper Rubber Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Master of the house, keeper of the zoo
ready to make bath time fun for you.
The water is just fine, but he’s not weight
balanced, he’s a knick-knack who can’t float straight.

A ducky in a hat,
a monkey on his back
a tiny little hole
and a lot of quack!