Mer Ducky

Mer Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Hello! I’m Mer Duck. I am a mermaid ducky. I wear a swimsuit made of shells. I have a silly mermaid tail and with matching blue hair. I have a white pearl necklace that was a gift from an oyster friend of mine. The starfish in my hair is also a good friend who like to visit with me sometimes.

Deluxe Dragon Duck

Deluxe Dragon Duck
by Bud Duck

GO PURPLE DRAGONS! I have a U on my green belly because I’m a Bud Duck. I have spikes on my back because I’m a dragon. Do you want to play baseball with me? Watch out for my spikes! Ouch! I’m pink and have purples scales because I’m not a typical dragon. But don’t forget I have a green tummy.

“Light my fire!” — Dragon Duck

🐲 🐲 🐲

B. Duck Floating Vampire

B. Duck Floating Vampire
by Sëmk

What do you think of “Plastic Duck”? Most people recall a floating duck, the best bathing partner from their childhood. To distinguish himself from the traditional floating duck, the cuddly B.Duck represents the spirit of “Be Playful” for the people of all ages and shares the happiness and fun to everyone by developing into the lovely, handy, stylish and functional lifestyle products. The uniqueness of B.Duck products have intrinsic functions other than adding clutter to your life, you can find B.Duck everywhere in your daily life from bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office and school, etc. With twinkling eyes, puffy lips and a big tummy, B.Duck loves to surprise and delight your beloved, friends and family with bold innovative designs and will always bring different color into your lifestyle. This one comes with a vampire costume. What’s more, this duck is pre-balanced, it will stay up in the water.