By Oriental trading

Owl lives in California in a nest on top of the Owl\Ducky house. Once he watched the kids go from door to door around their house on Halloween during Covid 19. He liked when he could fly to follow them on Halloween when they went trick or treating to other people’s houses. Now you know Owl’s story.

Fun Frog Squirt Toy

Fun Frog Squirt Toy
by Oriental Trading

What the frog? This rubber froggy has a high-velocity mouth hole for squirting friends! He’s not a duck, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make himself at home on the pond. All the duckies love his hoppity approach and his green way of life. When you see this fun frog taking aim, you know it’s going to be a splash.

Screaming Rubber Chicken

Screaming Rubber Chicken
by Legend Sandy

Small size but with loud sound, this 7″ rubber chicken can fit in your hand well and withstand countless of fun squeezing, which is definitely worth your money.

No matter what you discover, a screaming, squawking or shrilling chicken toy is just what you want. As you squeeze and release the chicken, you hear it’s inhale and exhale as a squeaky sound. This silly screaming chicken and hilarious sound will make you relieve stress.

Yellow rubber chickens are safe and will be your kids’ favorite gift. Also, surprise your loved ones, play some pranks on your friends, or even wrap it up in a fancy gift box as a gag gift and wait for the look on their faces!

Screaming Rubber Chicken provides hours of squeaky fun, even for small pets and puppies.

When you hold a party, travel on the road, play funny songs with screaming chickens, watch sports with friends, or play tricks on family members the Screaming Rubber Chicken will make your everything hilarious and fun.

Champion Rubber Chicken

Champion Rubber Chicken
by Archie McPhee


Happy April Fools Day!

This squawking rubber chicken won a blue ribbon at the barnyard games for its shrill yell! It’s a soft vinyl 13″ chicken that squeals and squawks with every squeeze. Guaranteed attention getter; we irritated everyone in our office when we were testing it. Now, you can irritate everyone in your life, just like you’ve always dreamed.

• 13 hilarious inches long
• Very loud squawk
• Superior quality vinyl feels like plucked poultry skin
• Won a ribbon for loudness