“Keep it up” Bobber

In memory of Bobber Hanson

“Keep it up” Bobber
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: January 12

It’s bob to the left,
bob to the right –
U can count on him
when there’s a fish in sight.

Has that “chin up” attitude
no matter what size wave hits.

The bobber is an
inspiration to us all.

“You’re a Ham” Ducklet

“You’re a Ham” Ducklet
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: October 30

This little ducky
loves mud baths.
This little ducky
rolls in them for fun.

This little ducky
keeps pigging out.
This little ducky
will get big and round.

This little ducky sings
“oink, oink, oink”
at the Louie Luau.

“Be a” Hero

“Be a” Hero
by Rubba Ducks
Hatched: February 20

Slide down the pole and volunteer –
there is a Hero in all of us.

Every firefighter needs a hose,
hydrant and a howdy or a hug.

Safety saves lives –
smoke detector,
smoke detector,
smoke detector.

Don’t get burned – remember:

“Dive with” Aqua Duck (Green)

Happy Birthday Izzy!

“Dive with” Aqua Duck (Green)
by Rubba Ducks, March 21 2000

On any H2O scale
he can hold his own.

Denies being a crabby pants.

Lives for spring water.

“Nothin’s better than
swimmin’ with the mermaids.”

“Get Down with” Ducky D

“Get Down with” Ducky D
by Rubba Ducks, June 5 2000

A duck with attitude.

But, prefers living with
his parents – rent free.

Going to be a
…baseball? …football?
…basketball player!

…or, a rapper turned actor.

“Love our” Bamboo

“Love our” Bamboo
by Rubba Ducks, March 30 2000

Giant Panduck
what can we do?
You’re so cute
and adorable.

It’s no rarity
for this bear to be
irresistibly cuddly
and huggable.

Bamboo in the morning,
Bamboo at night,
Bamboo all day,
we love U, alright!

“Flip for” Duckphin

“Flip for” Duckphin
by Rubba Ducks, October 14 2000

Make a splash,
whistle your tune,
swim with pride
and blow on through.

Jump to dive,
flip to twirl,
riding the waves
in the Rubba World.

Enjoy the water –
the real life’s Zoo,
mammals alike
need to have fun too.


by Rubba Ducks

It all began with me –
the Duck Man.

Fire – I started it
and kept it going.
The wheel – I just rolled it out.
My tools – I made them work.

It’s easy being first –
U can be yourself.
And no one can tell U
that you’re doing it wrong.


by Rubba Ducks, November 2000

Whoever said “a diamond
is a girl’s best friend”
never met Crystal.

This gem’s prismatic
personality can turn
a little sunlight
into a colorful rainbow.

D. Lure

D. Lure
by Rubba Ducks, April 2003

I’m setting out for a day
of relaxing with my rod and reel.

The lake seems calm
and the weather peaceful.

I’ll catch my share
of fish today —
if not, theres
always tomorrow.