Bowling Ducky

Bowling Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Bowling Ducky has a green bowling ball and he wears a pink coat. His coat has white trim but it’s mostly pink. He has brown hair and a pink hair clip. Does anyone know of a bowling alley that has Size 30 bowling shoes?

Hh Ducky

Hh Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Hh is for hockey
and he’s a stick jockey.
This is the duck
with the golden puck.
He won’t be nice out on the ice
but he’s your friend to the bitter end.

“Get Down with” Ducky D

“Get Down with” Ducky D
by Rubba Ducks, June 5 2000

A duck with attitude.

But, prefers living with
his parents – rent free.

Going to be a
…baseball? …football?
…basketball player!

…or, a rapper turned actor.

Surfer Rubber Ducky

Surfer Rubber Ducky
by Rhode Island Novelty

A totally awesome prize for surfer dudes and dudettes. This rubber ducky is a super cool surfing character. Invite him to your next pool party. Give your duck a name and maybe feed them a quacker!


by Rubba Ducks, June 14 2000

Everyone needs goals –
mine’s the net.

I’m always using my head.

Look Mom, no hands!

OOPS! Sorry about the grass stains.