Inflatable Ducky

Inflatable Ducky
by Waddlers

Inflatable Ducky had a great week at camp!
Please try not to notice if his eyes are damp.

He dressed up in green.
His clothes were quite clean!
This share is so keen.
His kvutsah is not mean.
At Galil, he always feels loved, accepted and seen!

At breakfast chug, he made French toast
but ducky liked rainbow pancakes the most.

Zoom protests are cool.
The Mini Mo drools!
He needs to take a shower before going back to school.

In green chug, we made a memory book
(it’s special to ducky, he likes the look).
This summer has taught us that secrets in Zoom
should never be shared outside the breakout room.

This ducky is filled with both joy and sorrow —
how can there be no Galil at Home tomorrow?
It was ducky’s first time at camp this summer.
Not being there in person was such a bummer!
But ducky had fun at every Zoom call
and he can’t wait for Galil at Home this Fall!

White Hot Ducky

White Hot Ducky
by Munchkin

Babies (especially annoying ones) have extremely sensitive skin, and it can be difficult to get their bath temperature just right, because what feels comfortable to us may not always be good enough for them. The White Hot American Ducky is a hard-working, useful duck who prevents unnecessary bathtime fussing! This ducky warns you when bath water is not suitable for baby’s delicate skin. Simply place the duck in the tub, then lift up to check the blue disc on the bottom. If the butt says HOT, it’s HOT.

This cute duck is watertight, mildew-resistant, and floats!

Ducky Key Chain

Ducky Key Chain
by Fun Express

Just received from a friend of the blog! This keychain ducky is our first new gift ducky received since we started The Daily Ducky. Duckies make great gifts and we love it! Thank you friends!

This keychain ducky makes a great backpack accessory and you can take it everywhere you go. No need to lock up your valises, we’re going to give this ducky the key to our new nest in Minnesota.

This little dangly ducky has a painted blush and big eyes. Ducky Key Chain is a perfect housewarming gift!

Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Duck

Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Duck
by CB

How are you holding up? This ducky holds toothbrushes upright but doesn’t float. He’s an old original ceramic duck with a job to do, not the kind of duck that hangs around the pool all day. He keeps his nose pointed up and his eye on the prize.