Green Alien Ducky

Green Alien Ducky
by Oriental Trading

I have hair as eyes and pink dots all over. I come from Planet Ducky! We have a rainbow sun and a rainbow sunset. But back to earth… where the sky is blue and the sunset is pink. I live in an underwater cave and eat fresh fish like sushi and lox. Oh, and if you are wondering how I got to earth, I will tell you. So, I was on my way home from shopping on Mars in my flying saucer when a big, fast space rock slammed into my saucer! My engine broke and I landed on Earth. The next thing I knew, some kid named Izzy was taking my picture. And here I am on the Internet! The End.

1 Comment

  1. Wow Izzy, what a find! I am sure you are getting good at making sushi for this new friend. I hope he never needs glasses.

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