Peace Ducky

Peace Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Hi! I`m Peace Ducky. Do you want to hear a story? Well, here you go! I was taking a walk in the park (with my beak covered and proper ducky distancing) when I saw a bunch of chicks playing on a slide.

“That looks like fun,” I thought! But before I got to the slide I was suddenly pulled into the sky by a spaceship with a tractor beam. It was my friend Green Alien Ducky testing some repairs on his spaceship that was being fixed from a crash.

“Hello” we said to each other. And we chatted for a little bit before he tractor beamed my back down to the grass. Then I joined the chicks to play on the slide.

Here are some things about me: I have a peace sign on my necklaces. I also have flowers in my hair. I do not float duckright. I wear a pink and purple dress.

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