Jumbo Rubber Duck, Pink

Jumbo Rubber Duck, Pink
by Liberty Imports

It ain’t easy being pink.
Naw, it’s harder than you think.
Everybody wants to know:
where’d the other colors go?
Folks love blue and red and green,
but when they see pink, they’re mean.
They mean to be enlightened,
and yet, pink will see them frightened!
They don’t want pink on their boat.
They don’t want a pink goat.
They don’t want pink in the rain
or on their car, or on a train.
So this duck
is not in luck.
For pink is all she’s ever been
and pink is all she’ll ever be.
Or maybe she’s the luckiest
because she feels the duckiest
when she looks in mirrors.
She’s likes how she appears.
She loves pink and she loves herself.
And that is great for ducky’s health.

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