Bob – The Deluxe Racing Duck

Bob – The Deluxe Racing Duck
by Celebriducks

Bob is the perfect racing duck. He will always float upright no matter how he lands, and he’s completely sealed to keep water out. Like a cat who loves swimming, and has wings and feathers, and is a duck.

You know the kind of guy who does nothing but good things and always seems to stay calm? Well, that’s Bob. Every time a wave comes at him, he floats gracefully over to the other side. He’s weight balanced and sealed well, which helps him ride the waves. He’s emotionally balanced and heals well, which helps him ride the waves of life.

Mr. Green Recycled Green Duck

Mr. Green Recycled Green Duck
by Celebriducks

Happy Earth Day!

Introducing the world’s first 100% recycled “green” rubber duck, Mr. Green! This inspiring ducky is made from environmentally friendly, recycled, and recyclable material. Even his packaging is made from 100% recycled material. Bath time can be a fun learning experience when Mr. Green teaches you about reducing your impact on the Earth. Without recycling, the Earth would just be covered in trash. That wouldn’t be a very nice place to live, right? Let’s protect our environment, so we don’t have to move to Mars!

Being all recycled, Mr. Green has a rough look and feel compared to other duckies because the artist uses blow molding instead of rotational molding with the recycled material. Because of that, he has a seam. That makes him even more special!

Helping To Save The Earth One Duck At A Time” – Mr. Green