One Hundred and First Dalmatian

One Hundred and First Dalmatian
By CelebriDucks

This is the One Hundred and First Dalmatian, but they go by 101. 101’s favorite thing to do is dig holes in the backyard. They dug a hole so big that it got to the outer core of the earth! They got that big gold bone from a hole digging challenge. Their collar says what number he is.


Oregon Ducky
by CelbriDucks

Oregon Ducky has an O on his belly and a yellow handkerchief with two green stripes. He also has a green and yellow hat that that says his name “Oregon.” His green jacket is so awesome! He rocks the colors green and yellow for his school, the University of Oregon! Oregon Ducky is a football mascot based on Donald Duck.

Bob – The Deluxe Racing Duck

Bob – The Deluxe Racing Duck
by Celebriducks

Bob is the perfect racing duck. He will always float upright no matter how he lands, and he’s completely sealed to keep water out. Like a cat who loves swimming, and has wings and feathers, and is a duck.

You know the kind of guy who does nothing but good things and always seems to stay calm? Well, that’s Bob. Every time a wave comes at him, he floats gracefully over to the other side. He’s weight balanced and sealed well, which helps him ride the waves. He’s emotionally balanced and heals well, which helps him ride the waves of life.

Mr. Green Recycled Green Duck

Mr. Green Recycled Green Duck
by Celebriducks

Happy Earth Day!

Introducing the world’s first 100% recycled “green” rubber duck, Mr. Green! This inspiring ducky is made from environmentally friendly, recycled, and recyclable material. Even his packaging is made from 100% recycled material. Bath time can be a fun learning experience when Mr. Green teaches you about reducing your impact on the Earth. Without recycling, the Earth would just be covered in trash. That wouldn’t be a very nice place to live, right? Let’s protect our environment, so we don’t have to move to Mars!

Being all recycled, Mr. Green has a rough look and feel compared to other duckies because the artist uses blow molding instead of rotational molding with the recycled material. Because of that, he has a seam. That makes him even more special!

Helping To Save The Earth One Duck At A Time” – Mr. Green

The Good Duck

The Good Duck
by Celebriducks, 2015


Savvy parents know they should avoid baby teething toys with toxic chemicals. They think they have found a safe alternative in natural latex rubber. This is surprisingly not the case as latex allergies can occur with repeated exposure to latex. Cleveland Clinic states that “children are not born with latex allergies. A latex allergy develops as one is exposed to latex numerous times in items like diapers, bottles, nipples, and pacifiers. Children allergic to one substance are more likely to develop allergies to other things as well.

The Mayo Clinic Latex says that allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe (from mild redness and rash to throat swelling and difficulty breathing). They also caution that “a reaction can become worse with each additional latex exposure,” and that one should “prevent an allergic reaction to latex by avoiding rubber toys.

Boston Children’s Hospital recommends that “careful avoidance of latex products may decrease the chances of your child developing a latex allergy. A child who develops a latex allergy can go on to develop an allergy to food items which have similar compounds to latex such as avocado, banana, chestnut, kiwi, and other fruits.
Some companies claim to wash out the allergen proteins in latex, but the FDA states that no latex product can claim to be 100% allergen free.

Aside from allergies, there are other problems with natural latex rubber. Rubber will easily degrade and discolor over time with water use due to the fact that rubber is a very porous material which means that mold can more easily penetrate the surface of the rubber. Also, a number of rubber ducks have a hole in the bottom of the duck which makes it very hard, if not impossible, to get water out of the inside causing black mold to grow inside.

Many rubber ducks do not float upright at all and are very rough to the touch, especially for a baby. Even other PVC free rubber ducks that are not made out of latex have issues as they are often made from questionable materials which small like chemicals, have peeling paint, do not float upright, and are as hard as a rock.

So why did we try and build a better duck? We became convinced that there were no rubber ducks on the market which were safe enough for very young children to put in their mouths. Our Good Ducks are considered by many the world’s safest rubber ducks, and the only ones, that a baby should ever teeth on. All of our manufacturing, design, and 100% of the materials are made in the USA. It is PVC Free, Phthalate Free, and BPA Free using the highest quality third party tested food and medical grade materials available. Each duck also comes in a cute gift box which is also 100% made in America.

Most people are unaware that the rubber duck was actually an original American invention before the whole industry moved overseas. We are proud to be the only company making them here in the USA once again. With a rubber duck made by an American company, parents can more easily have confidence in US manufacturing without the constant safety issues with products that are manufactured elsewhere.

The Good Duck won the BEST GREEN TOY AWARD from Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, Dr. Toy, one of the world’s leading authorities on children’s toys who approved the first grant for The Children’s Television Workshop, “Sesame Street,” when she worked in Education for the federal government.


Duck and gift box 100% made in America
Latex free to prevent latex allergies in young children
PVC Free – Phthalate Free – BPA Free
Made from the safest USA tested food and medical grade materials
Perfect size for babies to hold and teeth on
Completely sealed to keep out water so never any mold issues
Soft and smooth to the touch which babes love
Float beautifully upright
Odor free so no latex rubber glove smell
Paint Free to prevent paint chipping off and being ingested
Dishwasher Safe
Available in vibrant pastel colors: Pink, Blue, and Yellow

Harry Ponder (and the Ducky Shallows)

Harry Ponder (and the Ducky Shallows)
by Celebriducks, July 2017

The Wizard of Bath Water!

Harry Ponder is a rubber ducky dressed up as your favorite magical school boy from another world. He’s a collectible and limited edition piece of toy art, with a mop top of hair, circle glasses, prep school uniform and armed with his own book and ordinary magic wand.

Harry Ponder always floats upright and is sealed to stay clean.

Full “Rubber Ducky” Size fits perfectly in your hand and won’t get lost in the bath.