Mr. Green Recycled Green Duck

Mr. Green Recycled Green Duck
by Celebriducks

Happy Earth Day!

Introducing the world’s first 100% recycled “green” rubber duck, Mr. Green! This inspiring ducky is made from environmentally friendly, recycled, and recyclable material. Even his packaging is made from 100% recycled material. Bath time can be a fun learning experience when Mr. Green teaches you about reducing your impact on the Earth. Without recycling, the Earth would just be covered in trash. That wouldn’t be a very nice place to live, right? Let’s protect our environment, so we don’t have to move to Mars!

Being all recycled, Mr. Green has a rough look and feel compared to other duckies because the artist uses blow molding instead of rotational molding with the recycled material. Because of that, he has a seam. That makes him even more special!

Helping To Save The Earth One Duck At A Time” – Mr. Green

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