Water Duck

Water Duck
by Claire

This is not Claire’s blue water duck. This duck has an orange beak, like most ducks. Claire’s water duck is all blue, with a blue beak! Wow! Maybe a duck like that will join our team someday.

Claire’s water duck? Every day, it’s going to be in water. And when snow melts it turns into water. Every day, Claire’s water duck goes “Oh no! It’s time to get back in the pool! Woohoo!” And it jumps into the water.

Ducky Izzy

Ducky Izzy

Hello my name is Ducky Izzy.
My week was super fun and busy.
It ain’t easy being green.
Eggs and yams on Monday morning.
Breakfast club is how I lean.
Eggs and sammies Tuesday morning.
Wednesday morning? Pickle corning.
On Thursday we received a warning:
mug cake can be habit forming.
Tuesday night was games (no lesson)
On Thursday night court was in session!
I met a bunch of fun Israelis,
who I would like to talk to daily.
I made friends in chalutzimot
(they’re the duckies in my boat).
I learned a lot of stuff this week.
Thanks for listening to me squeak.
This week was really fun, you see —
it is easy being me!

Plush Stuffed Duck

Plush Stuffed Duck

by A. Mart Corp

This stuffed duck was plucked from a claw machine in 2005. He is fuzzy and loveable. This soft, cuddly duck has bright yellow and orange colors that are shiny in the sun. He is a nice duck who will make you happy.

Mini Digi Rubber Ducky

Mini Digi Rubber Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Mini Digi Rubber Ducky is a block duck who doesn’t mind feeling cornered. This tech-inspired ducky may be square but he’s not a nerd. The 3D Duckbot makes everything cool. Digi Ducky doesn’t float upright but he likes bath time.

Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Duck

Ceramic Toothbrush Holder Duck
by CB

How are you holding up? This ducky holds toothbrushes upright but doesn’t float. He’s an old original ceramic duck with a job to do, not the kind of duck that hangs around the pool all day. He keeps his nose pointed up and his eye on the prize.

Crazy Hair Rubber Ducky

Crazy Hair Rubber Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Are you trying to troll me, you punk? No! I’m a peaceful long haired ducky who just wants to have hair-raising fun. Having long hair is fun but a little annoying because it gets in the way when you’re eating soup. This ducky likes to eat soup anyway, although it’s more common to have soup with crackers than to have soup with quackers.

Crazy Hair Duckies do not float upright.

Purple Flag Ducky

Purple Flag Ducky
by Rhode Island Novelty

Do you like to see a flag fly? This flag can fly and land. It’s not a sea duck but you’ll see ducky fly by when you see land.


by Rubba Ducks

It all began with me –
the Duck Man.

Fire – I started it
and kept it going.
The wheel – I just rolled it out.
My tools – I made them work.

It’s easy being first –
U can be yourself.
And no one can tell U
that you’re doing it wrong.