Dog Toy Quacker

Dog Toy Quacker

This Is Dog Toy Quacker! Quacker for short. He has a hard life. Like, chew-throw chew-throw hard! But when Quaker is not being played with, he likes to sit in a bed and read his favorite book, The Ducks to the Kingdom. And Quack of course! Quacker has a little bit of fluffy white hair, yellow feathers, cute eyes and an orange beak. Not a lot of ducks don’t have an orange beak!

Soap Ducky

Soap Ducky
by Aixiang

Soap Ducky sits on a shelf on top of Soap Plate Ducky to be looked at and loved. He is completely yellow and has a dot for a eye. His wings pop out like his head and his beak. And Soap Ducky loves to be looked at each and every week.

Soap Plate Ducky is yellow and flat. Soap Plate Ducky has cute eyes and a beak with two lines for nostrils. Soap Plate Ducky will have a separate post.

Ceramic Ducky

Ceramic Ducky
by Izzy Becker

Izzy has a ducky who was made out of clay.
He was dry and ready years ago but his blog debut is today!
Izzy painted Ceramic Ducky in lots of different shades
but this heavy ducky doesn’t float – he barely even wades.
Ceramic Ducky lives in a world full of ducky friends
but he hasn’t seen them lately. It seems like Covid never ends.
We all miss doing the things like playing in the park
and lately we’re all feeling like the world is pretty dark.
But look! Ceramic Ducky is staying colorful and shiny!
He doesn’t let corona virus make him get all whiny.
Ceramic Ducky knows it won’t always be so crappy
so for now he thinks of all the reasons to be happy.
We’re happy for each other and the time we’re stuck together
And covid shows us that there’s nothing we can’t weather.

Inflatable Ducky

Inflatable Ducky
by Waddlers

Inflatable Ducky had a great week at camp!
Please try not to notice if his eyes are damp.

He dressed up in green.
His clothes were quite clean!
This share is so keen.
His kvutsah is not mean.
At Galil, he always feels loved, accepted and seen!

At breakfast chug, he made French toast
but ducky liked rainbow pancakes the most.

Zoom protests are cool.
The Mini Mo drools!
He needs to take a shower before going back to school.

In green chug, we made a memory book
(it’s special to ducky, he likes the look).
This summer has taught us that secrets in Zoom
should never be shared outside the breakout room.

This ducky is filled with both joy and sorrow —
how can there be no Galil at Home tomorrow?
It was ducky’s first time at camp this summer.
Not being there in person was such a bummer!
But ducky had fun at every Zoom call
and he can’t wait for Galil at Home this Fall!

Jumbo Rubber Ducky

Jumbo Rubber Ducky
by Rhode Island Novelty

I’m going to tell you a story
made of lots of Habo glory!
This week I got a Galil gift
that brought me such a happy lift.
There were lots of fun projects to do,
like coloring and painting to name a few.
I don’t ever need to ask
if I need to take my mask.
I like to wear it all the time,
even when I’m making slime.

This week I made whipped coffee and waffle
It tasted good, it was not awful!
Lots of questions for the week:
gender, Israel and zombies (eek)!
Here we are at musicale Zoom,
only one more week til impending doom!
This ducky had a great week at camp —
his mask makes him a Galil champ!

White Hot Ducky

White Hot Ducky
by Munchkin

Babies (especially annoying ones) have extremely sensitive skin, and it can be difficult to get their bath temperature just right, because what feels comfortable to us may not always be good enough for them. The White Hot American Ducky is a hard-working, useful duck who prevents unnecessary bathtime fussing! This ducky warns you when bath water is not suitable for baby’s delicate skin. Simply place the duck in the tub, then lift up to check the blue disc on the bottom. If the butt says HOT, it’s HOT.

This cute duck is watertight, mildew-resistant, and floats!

Bob – The Deluxe Racing Duck

Bob – The Deluxe Racing Duck
by Celebriducks

Bob is the perfect racing duck. He will always float upright no matter how he lands, and he’s completely sealed to keep water out. Like a cat who loves swimming, and has wings and feathers, and is a duck.

You know the kind of guy who does nothing but good things and always seems to stay calm? Well, that’s Bob. Every time a wave comes at him, he floats gracefully over to the other side. He’s weight balanced and sealed well, which helps him ride the waves. He’s emotionally balanced and heals well, which helps him ride the waves of life.

Luxury Uno Duck

Luxury Uno Duck
by Bud Duck

There’s nothing like your first duck. And this is nothing like our first duck! But it is the first yellow duck designed by Bud Duck, one of our favourite duckmakers!

This ducky feels best with an U on their chest and started a trend that you’ll see on the rest! They like to wear their hair with some flair and tend to their locks more than most of the flock. But they have regular wings and other things that aren’t unique, like an orange beak. Their feathers are yellow, demeanor is mellow and you can count on them for a friendly hello. For a ducky like this, we make quite a fuss! They’ll always be special to Bud, and they’ll always be special to us.

Zz Ducky

Zz Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Zz Duck has stripes to distract the flies
and she’s the last of the Alphaduck guys.
Now you know your ABCDucks!
Next time won’t you play with us!

Yy Ducky

Yy Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Yy Duck is a yak
when the ducklings get loud.
But then he’s a duck
when the fields should be plowed.