Ceramic Ducky

Ceramic Ducky
by Izzy Becker

Izzy has a ducky who was made out of clay.
He was dry and ready years ago but his blog debut is today!
Izzy painted Ceramic Ducky in lots of different shades
but this heavy ducky doesn’t float – he barely even wades.
Ceramic Ducky lives in a world full of ducky friends
but he hasn’t seen them lately. It seems like Covid never ends.
We all miss doing the things like playing in the park
and lately we’re all feeling like the world is pretty dark.
But look! Ceramic Ducky is staying colorful and shiny!
He doesn’t let corona virus make him get all whiny.
Ceramic Ducky knows it won’t always be so crappy
so for now he thinks of all the reasons to be happy.
We’re happy for each other and the time we’re stuck together
And covid shows us that there’s nothing we can’t weather.

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