Inflatable Ducky

Inflatable Ducky
by Waddlers

Inflatable Ducky had a great week at camp!
Please try not to notice if his eyes are damp.

He dressed up in green.
His clothes were quite clean!
This share is so keen.
His kvutsah is not mean.
At Galil, he always feels loved, accepted and seen!

At breakfast chug, he made French toast
but ducky liked rainbow pancakes the most.

Zoom protests are cool.
The Mini Mo drools!
He needs to take a shower before going back to school.

In green chug, we made a memory book
(it’s special to ducky, he likes the look).
This summer has taught us that secrets in Zoom
should never be shared outside the breakout room.

This ducky is filled with both joy and sorrow —
how can there be no Galil at Home tomorrow?
It was ducky’s first time at camp this summer.
Not being there in person was such a bummer!
But ducky had fun at every Zoom call
and he can’t wait for Galil at Home this Fall!

Mallard Rubber Duck

Mallard Rubber Duck
by Waddlers

A mallard is a kind of dabbling duck. This is a very specific rubber ducky! What’s a dabbling duck you ask? A dabbling duck is a kind duck that eats on the surface of the pond, instead of diving underwater to look for food. The mallards just can’t be bothered with all that diving. It’s so much trouble. They’ll just dabble on the surface for whatever floats. Unlike Pelicans, which totally dive into the water.

Here are some other fun facts about mallards:

It is estimated that there are over 10 million mallard ducks in North America.

Mallards are omnivores. This means they eat both plants and other animals. They mostly feed off of the surface of the water eating all kinds of seeds, small fish, insects, frogs, and fish eggs. They also enjoy eating some human foods, often eating grain from human crops.

I hope you learned a lot today!

Glow In The Dark Rubber Duck

Glow In The Dark Rubber Duck
by Waddlers

Glow In The Dark Rubber Duck, authentic design, regenerating glow in the dark rubber ducky, Halloween unusual toy gift, safe nontoxic toy, weight balanced waterproof racer rubber duck that floats upright always, color light aqua light blue.

Shuttle Rubber Duck

Shuttle Rubber Duck
by Waddlers

Shuttle Rubber Duck, weight balanced and waterproof that floats upright, American pride space shuttle rubber duck reaching unknown space, futuristic risk taking, makes dream comes to true novelty toy in all departments. Authentic design and made.

Cool Feeling Rubber Duck

Cool Feeling Rubber Duck
by Waddlers, 1987

Cool Feeling Rubber Duck, weight balanced and waterproof that floats upright, the very first human character expressed rubber ducky, depicting teenager’s rebellious nature by flipping baseball hat backward, bath toy novelty as well as rubber duck racing racer, authentic design and made by inventor, Steve S.H. Chen who has created rubber duck industry, using rubber ducks to reflect human character, gender, hobby, sports, and work professional, etc. Safe toy.