Mallard Rubber Duck

Mallard Rubber Duck
by Waddlers

A mallard is a kind of dabbling duck. This is a very specific rubber ducky! What’s a dabbling duck you ask? A dabbling duck is a kind duck that eats on the surface of the pond, instead of diving underwater to look for food. The mallards just can’t be bothered with all that diving. It’s so much trouble. They’ll just dabble on the surface for whatever floats. Unlike Pelicans, which totally dive into the water.

Here are some other fun facts about mallards:

It is estimated that there are over 10 million mallard ducks in North America.

Mallards are omnivores. This means they eat both plants and other animals. They mostly feed off of the surface of the water eating all kinds of seeds, small fish, insects, frogs, and fish eggs. They also enjoy eating some human foods, often eating grain from human crops.

I hope you learned a lot today!

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  1. We learned a lot today! We are not very fond of the pond weed on the bottom of lakes and ponds either!

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