Sherduck Holmes

Sherduck Holmes
by Yarto

The game is a webbed foot! When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be a ducky with a magnifying glass. Sherduck Holmes leaves no lilypad unturned when he investigates the mysteries of the pond! And his sense of style is elementary: tweed jacket and cap, red bowtie with polka dots, and wooden pipe.

Fun Frog Squirt Toy

Fun Frog Squirt Toy
by Oriental Trading

What the frog? This rubber froggy has a high-velocity mouth hole for squirting friends! He’s not a duck, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make himself at home on the pond. All the duckies love his hoppity approach and his green way of life. When you see this fun frog taking aim, you know it’s going to be a splash.

“Hop along with” Duckaroo

“Hop along with” Duckaroo
by Rubbaducks

I’m a proud
mommy Kanga –
in my pouch
is baby ‘Roo.

We always spend
quality time together
like every family
should do.

Deluxe Carousel Horse Duck

Deluxe Carousel Horse Duck
by Bud Duck

Life is a carousel – it goes up and down! And we go round and round from where we came.

Life is also: 1) A highway 2) A box of chocolates 3) But a dream

White Hot Ducky

White Hot Ducky
by Munchkin

Babies (especially annoying ones) have extremely sensitive skin, and it can be difficult to get their bath temperature just right, because what feels comfortable to us may not always be good enough for them. The White Hot American Ducky is a hard-working, useful duck who prevents unnecessary bathtime fussing! This ducky warns you when bath water is not suitable for baby’s delicate skin. Simply place the duck in the tub, then lift up to check the blue disc on the bottom. If the butt says HOT, it’s HOT.

This cute duck is watertight, mildew-resistant, and floats!

Knight Ducky

Knight Ducky
by Oriental Trading

I have a shield with red stripes on it. Another thing I have is a very pointy sword. I have super heavy armor to protect myself and my friends. Oh and I do not float upright and I have a mouth hole.

Patch “has it covered”

Patch “has it covered”
by Rubba Ducks

Ahoy Matey!
Polly wanna cracker?
Swap the deck!
Aye, aye captain.
Walk the plank.
Shiver me timbers!

Mallard Rubber Duck

Mallard Rubber Duck
by Waddlers

A mallard is a kind of dabbling duck. This is a very specific rubber ducky! What’s a dabbling duck you ask? A dabbling duck is a kind duck that eats on the surface of the pond, instead of diving underwater to look for food. The mallards just can’t be bothered with all that diving. It’s so much trouble. They’ll just dabble on the surface for whatever floats. Unlike Pelicans, which totally dive into the water.

Here are some other fun facts about mallards:

It is estimated that there are over 10 million mallard ducks in North America.

Mallards are omnivores. This means they eat both plants and other animals. They mostly feed off of the surface of the water eating all kinds of seeds, small fish, insects, frogs, and fish eggs. They also enjoy eating some human foods, often eating grain from human crops.

I hope you learned a lot today!

Super Duck

Super Duck
by Oriental Trading

Hi! I am going to tell you the story of how I became a superduck! It was time for recess and I was playing basketball. I saw something behind a tree so I waddled over to have a look. It was a genieduck! Sometimes genies come out of lamps but this genie came from a pond. Then she asked me to say my biggest wish of all was and I said “to be a superduck.” Then poof she was gone and I was a superduck. I try very hard to be a good superduck. But am I the best superduck ever? It’s hard to be good when you can do whatever you want! But I keep trying.

Peace Ducky

Peace Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Hi! I`m Peace Ducky. Do you want to hear a story? Well, here you go! I was taking a walk in the park (with my beak covered and proper ducky distancing) when I saw a bunch of chicks playing on a slide.

“That looks like fun,” I thought! But before I got to the slide I was suddenly pulled into the sky by a spaceship with a tractor beam. It was my friend Green Alien Ducky testing some repairs on his spaceship that was being fixed from a crash.

“Hello” we said to each other. And we chatted for a little bit before he tractor beamed my back down to the grass. Then I joined the chicks to play on the slide.

Here are some things about me: I have a peace sign on my necklaces. I also have flowers in my hair. I do not float duckright. I wear a pink and purple dress.