Cupcake Ducky

Cupcake Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Hello Ducky Fans! Did you know that Cupcake Ducky has has a cherry on his head? Just look at the picture. Now you do! Do you want to know another thing about him? He has a purple cup to give him form. He has lots of sprinkles and likes to tell stories to his pet hamster. Oh, did I forget to mention? Cupcake Ducky has a pet hamster. He’s also very yummy if he lets you take a bite of him. That’s all for today, Duck of the Day fans!


  1. Hi Izzy
    These emails are the greatest start to my day. Can you ask Cupcake if he makes sure that there is no straw from his 🐹 cage on him when we take a bite! Love Gpa

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