Pool Ducky

Pool Ducky
by Oriental Trading

Pool Ducky has blue and purple swimming goggles and floaties that are orange and blue. Here is a story he wants to tell you. He was swimming in his backyard pool when the pool filter got clogged. Or at least, that’s what he thought. He went over to take a look at the controls, but before he got there, a frog jumped onto the “Drain The Pool” button! Suddenly, the pool drained but that turned out to be helpful. Thanks froggy! Now Pool Ducky he could ask a plumber to unclog the filter but the plumber said that the filter is not clogged. Next, Pool Ducky checked the controls and saw that the filter was turned off. What a silly mistake! So he turned it back on and got in the pool.

The End.

1 Comment

  1. We love ducky’s goggles!

    Maybe duck and frog can become friends and share the pool. Then frog won’t drain it again, but I suppose it’s good to check those filters periodically.

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